"COMPUCON" established "COMPUCON JAPAN" officially !




COMPUCON JAPAN was established in March 2005
in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area as a 100% owned subsidiary of Compucon S.A.
The company’s scope is to improve its services and support
as well as enhance its long term position in the Japanese market.

The company’s objectives are to:

  • Sustain and extend its position in current “traditional” customer base; services by its
    most valuable customer, COSMOS Co., Ltd.
  • Expand into new markets both with software and machine sales.
  • Research and penetrate the home embroidery market
    either with own or OEM labeled products.
  • Provide better support and security to customers.
  • Establish its position as a company with long-term goals
    and commitment to the Japanese market.
  • Attract new distribution networks.
  • Further reinforce the relationship and trust of embroidery machine manufacturers
    and OEM partners located in Japan .
  • Research and open new markets and opportunities as these arise.




COMPUCON, founded in 1982 and based in Thessaloniki, Greece,
develops and markets of CAD/CAM applications for industrial and home use,
in particular, software & electronic applications and networking systems
to provide computer assisted stitch design and processing in the textile field.

Compucon is at the forefront of product development
and provides integrated software solutions
and after sales service & support to customers worldwide.

The company’s international lead is built on its commitment
to continuous investment in research and development,
while the diversity of skills and expertise of its staff,
who tailor all their activities and development with the needs
of customers firmly in mind, has allowed the company to introduce
breakthroughs in software and hardware technology.

Compucon is certified to ISO 9001 for the design, development,
supply, sales, distribution, installation and maintenance
of software products and applications.

Compucon Japan works in partnership with Compucon
to meet the challenges of constantly changing customer needs.