Embroidery digitizing and editing software

EOS is one of the most advanced and sophisticated
embroidery software systems available in the market,
delivering quality results every time.

A wide variety of user-friendly features, functions,
techniques and tools give maximum flexibility
when creating embroidery designs.

EOS editing software covers the needs for advanced editing
using a variety of powerful editing tools
for greater efficiency and speed.

EOS V3 includes over 200 new and redesigned features
and functions with new, customizable interface
and menus for the most powerful digitizing
and editing available.

Especially designed for the home embroiderer,
Compucon’s Stitch & Sew software offers
a large range of practical and easy to use tools
for creating beautiful embroideries.

Whether it’s a simple design or a larger project,
Stitch & Sew produces impressive results
with features normally only included
in commercial embroidery software
for a professional look and finish.

Its modular base means that Stitch & Sew software
can be customised to any specific needs
by adding features, functions and fonts when needed.

Laser engraving and cutting systems

Compucon works in partnership
with its subsidiary COMPITE–nt S.A.
on the design, development, production
and marketing of laser systems
for material processing using CO2 laser technology.

The range of laser systems models available
allow a variety of materials including fabrics,
plastics, vinyl, foam, rubber, paper, wood
and leather to be cut or marked.

The resulting range of applications is endless!
Textile cutting, appliqué cutting,
stencil making, decorative etching, badges
and ID tags are just a few of the uses
of laser technology that will transform
the way you work.